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Starting the 1st of November 2019 I will be a “Lord Kelvin Adam Smith” (LKAS) Research fellow at the University of Glasgow. This fellowship is a 5-year contract which will give me the oppotunity to become an independent researcher and pursue my own ideas. They are very similar to what many other universities call a “Chancellor’s Fellowship”.

Initially I will be very strongly align with the Cronin Group, where I will continue my duties as a team leader in the one of the robotics teams, and my research will focus on using Computer Vision in Chemistry. Hopefully by year 3 I will fully independent (still within the Digital Chemistry section), and then I will be able to concentrate on what I like the most: building robots!

It is going to be a long road, and I already have pressure from the University to obtain funding (otherwise I cannot go from year 3 to years 4-5), but I hope everything is going to go well, and hopefully at the end of the Fellowship I can get a permanent position.