Life appeared on planet Earth around 4 billion of years ago, during a process known as abiogenesis or the Origin of Life. My research studies how did this happen, and aims to apply some of those processes into the design of bio-inspired robots. If we know that life happened already at least once, why cannot we use that knowledge to create artifial life? You can read more about this on the Research page.

About me

I am a Robotics Lecturer at the Glasgow Caledonian University, working in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. My current research aims to create generative models of prebiotic processes, and then use artificial evolution to emulate in silico the Origin of Life. Before this I was part of the Cronin Group, first as a PhD and then as a postdoc, where I built robots to emulate the Origin of Life in real-world experiments.

More broadly, I enjoy building autonomous systems that *do* things, and I enjoy working in the intersection between AI, Computer Vision and 3D-printing. If you want to know more about me you can read my CV.

Recent posts

Third ‘paper’ published in Nature!

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I have published a third opinion piece in Nature. This one is about how ChatGPT shows how the current application system is broken.