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It has been an interesting week for me, because I had to present my research twice: first in the Fellowship Symposium, and then in the “7 minutes of Science”.

The Fellowship Symposium was an event organized by the university, where all the new fellows were asked to give a 5 minute presentation, without time for questions, although there was time for networking after the event. There was quite a lot of people in the room, mostly other fellows, lecturers, professors and different academics. Therefore, it was a quite a serious event. I think in total we were something like 12 fellows, and I have to say most of the them presented very good research, which made me think I need to bring my level up. During the break I could speak with some other people and make some networking, so that was really good!


7 minute of Science was the polar opposite. It was organized by students from the School of Physics, and it consisted of presentions of 7 minutes followed by 7 minutes of questions. The room was also quite full, and something that surprised me very positively is that it was mostly young people, probably undergraduate students. Usually on conferences or in events like the previous one you present to senior academics, so this event was a good change!